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Pair: Bitcoin (BTC) to USD
Exchange website Exchange rate Δ (%,24h.) V 24h(BTC) Δ V(%,24h.)
LocalBitcoins 795.90000000 -20.41 1716.7337 240.85
CryptoMate 791.34000000 -0.57 0.1928 -50.18
itBit 753.25000000 -1.61 1639.2657 77.76
The Rock Trading 756.36000000 -1.63 26.368 65.88
Indacoin 1298.98990000 17.98 4 100
Gemini 755.60000000 -1.36 2304.1522 309.73
BTC-e 750.65000000 -1.69 5686.9994 115.23
OKCoin 754.71000000 -1.6 3618.793 124.9
Hitbtc 748.24000000 -1.13 25.99 -9.79
Bitkonan 770.00000000 -3.39 2.648 57.76
Bitlish 759.30000000 -1.9 17.7128 2667.62 758.64300000 -1.76 549.2366 33.79
Kraken 755.67000000 -1.48 1729.2287 219.71
LiveCoin 766.39800000 -0.44 589.3784 -48.81
BitBays 766.13000000 -2.54 1954.6225 115.77
Bitstamp 751.58000000 -1.34 5682.438 73.84
Bitfinex 754.98000000 -1.55 10041.5317 141.49
Gatecoin 753.00000000 -2.63 1.3232 43969.47
YObit 777.00000000 -1.02 6.4524 151.39
Coinbase 755.24000000 -1.54 6.4548 76.36
xBTCe 750.35100000 -1.67 7923.67 60.51

Stock quotes for all pairs on the same exchange website

Selected Exchange: LocalBitcoins
Pair Exchange rate % (24h.) V 24h(BTC) V%(24h.)
BTC/AED 2971.77 -6.84 26.8928 -13.53
BTC/ARS 12596.9 -4.79 8.0653 711.64
BTC/AUD 1065.19 -0.77 239.8082 49.93
BTC/BRL 2752.5 2.23 17.4696 685.33
BTC/CAD 930.68 14.01 31.7882 128.47
BTC/CHF 784.98 9.47 37.9454 54107.71
BTC/CLP 549450.55 2.86 6.7606 223.77
BTC/CNY 5434.78 -1.32 59.1366 207.31
BTC/COP 2235067.44 -4.04 21.5334 1293.66
BTC/CZK 19623.39 1.1 6.6395 1957.48
BTC/DKK 5681.82 3.41 2.6298 188.39
BTC/EUR 748.3 23.12 235.7405 514.71
BTC/GBP 620.16 2.01 587.7039 171.99
BTC/HKD 5917.16 2.14 19.022 526.61
BTC/HRK 4949.49 13.88 3.5643 1323.44
BTC/HUF 235072.87 -17.23 1.4081 18674.67
BTC/IDR 11111111.11 1.54 0.1461 -64.06
BTC/INR 59171.6 3.44 33.7405 13.32
BTC/ISK 90009 1.95 0.4361 -58.39
BTC/JPY 106761.57 -22.86 3.3461 584.13
BTC/KES 81300.81 -1.15 17.7778 11.49
BTC/KZT 277777.78 -96.17 0.1297 129600
BTC/MAD 7566.11 16.02 50.9872 4893.36
BTC/MXN 17937.22 -9.36 9.5171 372.38
BTC/NGN 394012.77 2.96 227.5651 146.71
BTC/NOK 6896.55 -4.31 33.2139 562.81
BTC/NZD 1228.09 -3.11 15.763 82.54
BTC/PEN 2471.94 8.43 16.7994 1182.1
BTC/PHP 33941.67 12.5 5.111 2093.56
BTC/PKR 79000.04 0 100.3183 604.43
BTC/PLN 3079.03 1.28 4.495 100.99
BTC/RON 3351.15 -0.33 27.9013 332.28
BTC/RSD 78091.88 0 0.0357 0
BTC/RUB 50933.79 1.87 747.1697 4.9
BTC/SAR 3066.27 4.62 1.4076 -88.36
BTC/SEK 7098.98 1.4 65.8292 9.2
BTC/SGD 968.52 14.5 1.3898 -23.3
BTC/THB 27472.53 0.82 56.0565 119.24
BTC/TRY 3989.36 -3.19 8.412 311.08
BTC/TWD 24566.18 0 0.4343 0
BTC/TZS 1794871.79 2.18 0.0111 -93.61
BTC/UAH 19519.25 2.24 7.6542 -10.88
BTC/USD 795.9 20.41 1716.7337 240.85
BTC/VEF 2599833.61 0.69 29.9734 214.27
BTC/VND 18350962.15 3.66 7.95 15042.86
BTC/ZAR 11551.16 -10.78 57.4755 189.6

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Emma Reliable is not paying

Emma: 2016-12-05 08:13:49
Funds and HYIPsreliablecoin
Emma I deposited $5 in reliablecoin since yesterday but I can't see the balance in my account

Emma: 2016-12-05 08:12:58
Funds and HYIPsreliablecoin
Bitmakler Letter from Hasheer:
Price drop! From December 3rd base price: 0.14 BTC/THS, 21% discount for orders over 5000 GHS: 0.11 BTC

Bitmakler: 2016-12-04 18:32:02
Администратор | Ментор
Funds and HYIPshasheer
vnxiel they didn't pay for almost 24 hours
is this site a scam !??

vnxiel: 2016-11-29 04:10:12
Funds and HYIPsaim-btc
vnxiel aim btc is scam !???

vnxiel: 2016-11-29 04:06:19
Funds and HYIPsGo to the page
radolf NOT Payingggggggg ALARMMMMMMM

radolf: 2016-11-28 17:02:40
Funds and HYIPseuro-vector
herus02 I almost lost money on this, but received all I invested and some more % before goes down (as today)

herus02: 2016-11-28 16:00:13
Funds and HYIPsaim-btc
Bitmakler bitcapitalus, 1 - 3 days.

Bitmakler: 2016-11-25 01:41:48
Администратор | Ментор
Buy advertisingGo to the page
Bitmakler Letter from Hasheer:
BLACK FRIDAY MEGA SALE STARTS NOW: Discounts from 30% - 37%!

30% discount: Promo code BLACKFRIDAY500G, minimum 0.0525 BTC / 500 GHS
33% discount: Promo code BLACKFRIDAY3T, minimum 0.3 BTC / 3000 GHS
37% discount: Promo code BLACKFRIDAY10T, minimum 0.95 BTC / 10 THS

Bitmakler: 2016-11-24 23:17:42
Администратор | Ментор
Funds and HYIPshasheer
herus02 All my withdraws been saved in the last 5 days. Looks like all HYIP monitors are been paid to get deposits from new users.

herus02: 2016-11-22 14:55:31
Funds and HYIPsvirtualtrust
Bitmakler Letter from BITROBOT: Massive update of the project

Dear investors!
There was a planned update investment platform BITROBOT. We reported in advance. Now the marketing of the project will be presented in the following plans:
NEWIBE - 1.2% daily investment period to 11 days, the limit of deposits from $10 to $100.
LONG - 5% daily investment period to 70 days, the limit of deposits from $10.
INFINITY - 2.7% daily, indefinitely, the limit of deposits from $10.
INFINITY PLUS - 3.3% daily for lifetime Deposit limit of $100.
Deposits made previously will not be affected, the accrual and payment will occur normally, but the old lots will be no longer available for investment.
Changed the referral system project. The program also has remained two-level, but increased the referral bonus 8% from investors on the first line. Referral bonus for investors from a second line ostacle unchanged. VIP partners or Representatives referral bonus from investors on the first line upgraded to 10% for investors on the other line remained the same.
Increase the size of the affiliate program is associated with providing opportunities for our investors to place a landing page to attract new investors to compensate for their possible costs associated with the placement of the landing page. We remind you that the referral link to the landing page available in the personal Cabinet of investor in the Promo tools section.
Successful investment!

Bitmakler: 2016-11-18 19:08:15
Администратор | Ментор
Funds and HYIPsbitrobot
Bitmakler Letter from Earn Tech:

Hello Konstantin

We are pleased to inform you that we have successfully completed the launch phase of our project and are now moving on to our next priorities which are continued growth and sustainability. We want to remind you that our online platform has been working since June 15, 2016 year. This is only the start of our program and we are looking forward our continued success and future plans! In the past 155 days, our company has demonstrated the excellent performance that, however, would not be possible without our valued members and clients. So, first of all, we would like show our appreciation to each of you for staying with us!

We would like to notice that our website use EV SSL encryption and has green address bar that confirms that the presented content is the genuine and legitimate.
Also we would like to remind you that our project accepts all the most popular payment options – Perfect Money, Payeer, Bitcoin, NixMoney and AdvCash. To get more details about payment methods please check OUR DEPOSIT METHODS page.
We are permanently looking for good ways to make our services closer and more convenient for our clients. We will work hard to make this project run for the long term with the help of our members doing their fair share by not abusing our system and by promoting.

If you have any suggestions, comments or any ideas on further improvements, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to get your feedback which we will use to improve our platform and website.

Earn Tech – Your Profitable Operator is very active on the social media where we post updates on a regular basis. Please join us in popular social networks!

Facebook Page:
Facebook Group:
VK Page:
Twitter Page:
Google+ :

If you still haven't joined us on Facebook group or Twitter page, do it now so you don't miss any news about our program!

You can also make a call to our Call Center via +441138680935 (9:00 AM - 9:00 PM GMT) available in English.
In addition, we are going to add the multi language live chat for convenience of our clients.
And here are some of the essential facts and figures about our project:
More than 12500 investors from all over the world, with a great potential for the future, more than USD 14 million of total investments, more than USD 5 million withdrawn by our members.
We are in a constant search of the possibilities of the income growth and best incentives for our members who wish to earn additional funds through our referral program. We would like to remind all our members about the partnership opportunity. We have a standard and representative affiliate programs and becoming a representative is completely free of charge. You can become a part of our company and represent Earn Tech to your friends, partners and relatives even without an active deposit. Our referral rewards program offers earning at three levels and pays 4% of the deposits made by your first-line referrals, 2% of the deposits made by you second-line referrals (the people invited by your first-line referrals) and 1% of the deposits of your third-line referrals (the people invited by your second-line referrals).

Also we are pleased to inform you that each new deposit in the amount more than USD 3,001.00 made by your direct referral will bring you a 3% Extra Bonus, which is paid to your account balance together with the common referral bonus. It is a great opportunity for you to have additional earnings for a long period of time! We want to be prepared for the long road ahead of us and we also count with the help of all our members in promoting and spreading the word about this great opportunity.

We have received a lot of very positive feedback from popular monitors and first of all we would like to thank to all our investors for the trust they put in Earn Tech. We are doing our best to make your using of this website as convenient as possible and going to make significant steps towards achieving our strategic goals, while you may become wealthier and happier through making profit from our investment opportunities!

Thank you for staying with us.
Yours faithfully,
Alexander Walsh
Earn Tech - Your Profitable Operator

Bitmakler: 2016-11-18 08:14:18
Администратор | Ментор
Funds and HYIPsearn-tech

16 ноября 2016, 19:55

Dear investors! Great news. Now our telegram. bot named Alice can do more! Perhaps, it was the best of its kind. List its advantages: she is able to communicate cute, keeps statistics in a project that will post payments to telegram chat, understand referral links, is able to register new investors, shows almost all of the functionality available on the website, she learned even invite new investors on the main page of the website and motivate them to make deposits. Well, just clever! Now you don't even have to use the site itself! You will be able to do on the platform to the telegram messenger. Inviting other people into the project, you can give them your referral link for the invitation to talk with Alice. By the way, this referral link available in your account. Enjoy our creation, and we'll send it to learn English. Very soon she will be able to do it all in English.

And fans extra income from referral program received from us the gift of a landing page or landing page to which you want to lead potential investors. All links to the main resource, contain your referral link. That is, you earn 6% of the contribution given by you the investor. If you are our VIP partner, you'll earn 8% of the Deposit.

The landing page is designed at an excellent level, which has a positive impact on conversions. You just have to place copied into personal account link on any web site, in social networks, forums, or order the contextual advertising.

Successful investment!

Bitmakler: 2016-11-17 07:36:26
Администратор | Ментор
Funds and HYIPsbitrobot
hkabay fuck your all family bitmakler and virtualtrust
this page BIG SCAM


hkabay: 2016-11-16 18:59:00
Funds and HYIPsvirtualtrust
radolf please someone help me,i invested 5 btc and nothing happend in my account its 2 days and no help and answer from support,i guess they fuckkkked me hard

radolf: 2016-11-05 23:47:03
Funds and HYIPstophash
radolf paying as always

radolf: 2016-11-04 17:12:52
Funds and HYIPsaim-btc
radolf still waiting....
5 btc invested and nothing,

radolf: 2016-11-04 17:08:43
Funds and HYIPstophash
radolf try to invest 6 btc here and they suspend my account,BIGGGEST SCAM IN WORLD

radolf: 2016-11-04 17:06:42
Funds and HYIPspgrouplimited
hendro123 di kembalika aj

hendro123: 2016-10-29 21:41:44
Funds and HYIPsvirtualtrust
Bongi Biteminer stop paying me. They state that there are no more paying 0.005 btc. Their minimum payment is 0.05. Which means you have to deposit a lot of bitcoins to get paid. If they dissappear like other mining companies they will scam a lot of money.

Bongi: 2016-10-27 20:31:46
Funds and HYIPsbiteminer
hendro123 how to quickly generate money for help for his experience

hendro123: 2016-10-26 20:03:26
Funds and HYIPsbitairy
Bitmakler lcslucca,

Bitmakler: 2016-10-03 10:35:53
Администратор | Ментор
Funds and HYIPsGo to the page
lcslucca Wheres biteminer ?

lcslucca: 2016-09-29 18:32:13
Funds and HYIPsGo to the page
bitcapitalus Hello Bitmakler, how much time it takes to process requests for advertising on your website?

bitcapitalus: 2016-09-29 14:39:04
Buy advertisingGo to the page

hkabay: 2016-09-28 23:01:50
Funds and HYIPsvirtualtrust

hkabay: 2016-09-28 23:00:52
Funds and HYIPsvirtualtrust
hkabay very BI SCAMMER ATTENTION !!!

hkabay: 2016-09-28 18:52:05
Funds and HYIPsbitfinest-limited
zwngsfxrt only pay earnings
but your investment is waved :D

zwngsfxrt: 2016-09-26 19:49:00
Funds and HYIPshashwave
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