The list of websites offering free bonuses in BitCoin and other cryptocurrencies

# Website Payment Duration, min. Min. payment, Satoshi Max. payment, Satoshi Go to
3 Paid Books Баланс на сайте 5 60 80
5 Alien Faucet Баланс на сайте 5 144 6400
6 Bitcoinker Баланс на сайте 6 50 55
8 Free Bitcoin USA Faucetbox 10 100 5000
11 FreeDogecoin Баланс на сайте 60 61 17232269
12 SunBTC Баланс на сайте 60 128 403
18 Fcoin Faucetbox 1 5 300
20 Siizo Faucetbox 6 30 30
21 Freebitcoin Баланс на сайте 60 150 26701200
26 FreeBetcoin Баланс на сайте 5 108 216
30 Crystalbit Faucetbox 20 35 2000
34 FoxFaucet Баланс на сайте 10 150 150
36 ChronoXcoin Баланс на сайте 5 41 1412
37 Daily Free Bits Баланс на сайте 60 100 1200
38 Moon Bitcoin Баланс на сайте 5 50 1200
39 Coin Prizes/td> Faucetbox 120 120 120
40 777 Bitcoin Баланс на сайте 15 111 1108672
41 Time for bitcoin Баланс на сайте 4320 101 101
45 Neo Bitcoin Баланс на сайте 30 150 10000
47 Milli Faucetbox 5 100 1000
48 We Love Bitcoins Faucetbox 20 125 1000
49 FreePayeerWin Faucetbox 60 30 1000
50 Goldwmr Баланс на сайте 180 50 100

How to collect Bitcoin (BTC) bonuses for visiting websites

You must go to the website, enter the number of your wallet for Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency, enter captcha (usually 3-6 digits or words) and that's it.

Depending on the website (also called faucet) you will receive the payment immediately in your wallet, on your account balance or in your micro wallet for receiving bonuses which will be created for you automatically (CoinBox, MicroWallet, BitChest, BitcoinCloud, Monedero, etc.). Usually, the payments from micro wallets and account balances are completed automatically after reaching a certain amount.

Almost on all websites that offer bonuses the rewards are measured in Satoshi

1 Satoshi = 0.00000001 BTC (Bitcoin)

For convenience and for understanding what will be the size of your bonus we make automatic recalculation in 4 currencies: BTC, Satoshi, USD, RUR at the current exchange rate. You can switch to payments in other currency at the top.

How to use the website correctly and get maximum earnings from collecting bonuses?

Start the rotator by clicking on the orange button Start collecting bonuses! (on top) and go through all the websites entering your wallet (bitcoin wallet in case of bitcoin bonuses)and captcha. Then click Bonus received, go to the next ⇒ and you'll get to another website that offers bonuses or has a free lottery. After the first tour your wallet will be saved in the input form and when you start the next tour you'll need to double-click on the input form and chose your wallet.

The rotator shows only favorites websites (marked with a star in the list).You can disable/enable the websites to be displayed in the rotator by clicking star in the rotator or in the list. The websites are displayed in descending order of the amount of the bonus, those having higher bonuses are on top. If during your tour the waiting time for receiving a bonus from a site you visited has expired, the website is automatically added to the rotator and will have a higher priority of display, as it gives a larger bonus. Therefore the rotator constantly displays websites with maximum rewards out of the total websites you have in your Favorites.

Time counters work differently in the rotator and in the lists.
In the lists of websites that offer bonuses counting begins immediately after clicking on Get bonus, regardless of whether you received a bonus or not.
In the website rotator (after clicking Start collecting bonuses!) counting starts only after clicking I have finished, go to the next site ⇒.

Therefore, if you visit several websites once a day or even less using the list will be sufficient to go to the site to get the bonus. The counter will show the approximate time before the expiration of the waiting period. On the other hand, if you're collecting all the bonuses that you can find, including those having a waiting period of 5 minutes or less, then you should use the rotator. Otherwise, you'll end up opening websites where the waiting period hasn't expired yet. The section You can collect (24h) shows the minimum and the maximum amount that you can collect for 24h.
The minimum represents the total amount in bonuses from all websites at all payment intervals considering that you get the lowest bonuses available. The maximum represents the same total amount in bonuses, but this time considering that you receive the highest bonuses that are available. This is possible only if you're unrealistically lucky.

The realistic expectation is that you'll earn from bonuses several times the minimum amount. This is true only if you'll visit all the websites during a 24h period because some websites have a difference of 5-10 times between their maximum and minimum bonus payments.

After several tours, you'll find out on which sites is difficult to get the bonus or the amount doesn't worth it. You'll be able to manage your Favorites list so that you get the best effort/reward ratio. The module that helps you collect bonuses doesn't require registration and relies on the cookies stored in your browser. So if you change your PC, change your operating system, change the browser or clear cookies, you'll lose all your lists and your browsing history concerning the websites that offer bonuses.