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Requirements for free publishing of press releases and reviews on BitMakler.tsom

What will you get from publishing a press release on BitMakler :

  1. Quickly inform market participants about your product or updates.
  2. Active links and visitours to your website
  3. Help in promoting your services to targeted audience
  4. The content is published without time limitation in the section Press Releases and further is included in the news aggregator , and shown in the news blocks on all website pages.


To post free your press release or review on bitmakler.com you must follow these rules:

  1. Only content related to cryptocurrency market
  2. Not less than 1000 characters of text
  3. Text uniqueness on www.miratools.ru is not less than 95%, otherwise there is no sense in publishing a plagiarized text for neither of the sides.
  4. No more than 3 links
  5. Text highlighting is welcomed, but without fanaticism. No more than 2 bold highlights.
  6. Be careful with too much keywords and SEO. If the text is only for search engine bots — your request will go to the trash basket.
  7. Edit your article using this editor . Must have a headline. Upload pictures for your article only on this Image hosting . After editing, click on «Source», copy the information, save it as text file (. txt) and send it by email:

Source confirmation:

  1. If you submit a press release describing the features and/or updates of your services (website, coins , exchanger , pool, etc.), then send the email with your content from your domain mailbox, specify contact details, occupation and your login on bitmakler.com
  2. If you act as an analyst or bystander , then send the content from the mailbox that is linked to your profile on bitmakler.com and give us a few information about yourself — your qualification with respect to the text you want to publish

If the rules are met, within a few days the press release or review will be published on the website, but sometimes it may take some time because publishing articles is not a top priority.

We reserve the right to refuse publication without any explanation, just in case ...

Published: 22-04-2014 11:49
Author: Admin BitMakler.com
Category: Publications / Пресс-релизы
Tags: publication, press release, review, cryptocurrencies

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