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Trump’s trade illogic

With all the public attention in the United States focused on health care, immigration and Russia, the Trump administration’s trade policies have flown largely under the radar. But the underlying...

25 June 2017 14:11

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UK Parliament Hit By Cyber Criminals

The U.K. parliament was hit by a “sustained and determined” cyber attack Friday, leaving lawmakers without access to their emails, according to reports. The cyber criminals were trying to get into...

25 June 2017 13:10

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So, you want to terraform Mars? Here’s one way to do it.

Climate change could make the red planet livable within 100 years. Before/After An artist’s conception of what Mars looks like today, juxtaposed with what Mars may have looked like earlier in its...

25 June 2017 12:08

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GDAX To Credit Traders for Ethereum Flash Crash Losses

GDAX has promised to credit traders for any losses they experienced during the exchange’s Ethereum “flash crash” on June 21, when prices temporarily dropped to as low as $0.10. Last week, GDAX...

25 June 2017 12:00

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Will Amazon Finally Fold to Demands and Accept Bitcoin?

Amazon has been in the news a lot lately, thanks to their constantly improving technology prowess and their acquisition spree in the retail scene. While the company continues to support tech...

25 June 2017 11:30

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Home buyers pay heavy price for regulation – regulations account for more than $45,000 of the cost of a $195,000 median-priced home in the San Antonio area. / BY IWB · JUNE 25, 2017 A hidden scourge is hampering the housing and economic recovery and preventing millions of American families across the nation, and an alarming...

25 June 2017 11:24

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By lawyering up, Trump’s administration will surely #MAGA | Farmer

“Why is it,” the story goes, “that the shark, as remorseless and primitive a predator as is known to mankind, is loath to attack a lawyer?” The answer: “Professional courtesy.” It’s an old gag but...

25 June 2017 11:20

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