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Is the NanoCard bitcoin’s killer app?

Bitcoin has been derided as a ponzi scheme, decried as a nuisance loved by criminals, and dismissed as a solution without a problem. Now, the NanoCard – the result of a strategic partnership between a series of organisations from the traditional banking sector and FinTech’s bleeding edge – offers real and impressive advantages over the alternatives.

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Alina Kunkevich (CCEDK Team), 16-07-2015 08:48,

Bytecoin: anonymity at its best

Bytecoin (BCN) was developed two years ago in the underground of the dark web and was designed to offer truly anonymous financial transactions. Since then Bytecoin developers have made significant updates and community has had the chance to appreciate its full potential.

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Alex1983 (News maker for Bytecoin), 26-07-2014 00:08, 8

Cryptocurrency mining on X11 algorithm. The use and comparison of CPU and GPU for mining on X11 algorithm.

Let’s perform the settings of cryptocurrency mining software on X11 algorithm on GPU and CPU, let’s check how it works and make some conclusions

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Requirements for free publishing of press releases and reviews on BitMakler.tsom

information for those wishing to post free a press release on our website

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