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“You Will Be Held Accountable Trump” ISIS Hackers Deface Government Website With Threatening Message / by Tyler Durden / Jun 27, 2017 The websites of Ohio Governor John Kasich and other state government agencies were hacked on Sunday with a pro-ISIS post warning that President...

27 June 2017 16:50

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Brexit One Year Later, in Five Charts / By Frank Holmes / Tuesday, 27 June 2017 One year ago, British voters cast their ballots in favor of leaving the 28-member European Union, defying multiple opinion polls...

27 June 2017 16:40

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Bolenum Project Announces Presale and ICO: Boleno Tokens to be Traded on CryptoDao 15th August!

Bolenum, the African focused Ethereum project has today announced the commencement of its presale which began on the 22nd of June with their full ICO beginning on the 15th of July. The Boleno...

27 June 2017 16:38

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If We Don’t Change the Way Money Is Created, Rising Inequality and Social Disorder Are Inevitable / CHARLES HUGH SMITH / MONDAY, JUNE 26, 2017 Centrally issued money optimizes inequality, monopoly, cronyism, stagnation and systemic instability. Everyone who...

27 June 2017 16:30

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Prada Is Selling A $185 Paper Clip / by Tyler Durden / Jun 26, 2017 We finally have some good news for the distressed US retail industry. In light of recent deteriorating spending trends within the luxury segment,...

27 June 2017 16:20

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Why is CNN Nervous About Its Trump Russia Coverage?

CNN’s announcement of new publishing restrictions on articles about President Donald Trump and Russia, as reported by Buzzfeed, has delighted right-wing media. Populist website Breitbart reported...

27 June 2017 16:19

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Goldman, Citi Turn Positive On Gold – Despite “Mysterious” Flash Crash / By davidrussell / June 27, 2017 Goldman and Citigroup Turn Positive On Gold – Despite “Mysterious” Flash Crash – Gold bounces higher after “mysterious” one minute “flash crash”...

27 June 2017 16:10

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