Jetcoin Institute Joins Forces with

Jetcoin Institute Joins Forces with

Earlier today, we wrote about Jetcoin, its background, achievements and the prospects it has “to form deals and partnerships with other cryptocurrency startups”.  As it turns out, these partnerships were already in motion. This morning, both Jetcoin and XNFTrading announced a partnership in a press release. Forging a venture with the first gold backed cryptocurrency platform, Jetcoin Institute has announced today at Inside Bitcoins Paris that it will partner with Both Jetcoin Institute Cofounder, Eric Alexandre, and Chief Strategy Officer, Octave Bodel, will speak during the event, November 20-21, 2014. ‘Our agreement with XNF is meant to widen the scope of our offering while giving Jetcoin digital contract holders the security of a reputable gold redeemable coin. Via our partnerships with the world’s leading media companies and sports franchises, Jetcoin provides a unique platform for XNF to reach out to the millions of sports fans in Asia,’ said Eric Alexandre, creator of Jetcoin. According to Octave Bodel, ‘ is really eager to create value alongside Jetcoin Institute with focus on the sports world, which we view as one of the most powerful marketing tools today. Our shared taste for performance combined with the realism of gold as physical collateral, is definitely the alchemy we were looking for in terms of a partnership. Our efforts to be listed worldwide in several exchanges jointly will boost our business volume and...

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20 November 2014 20:06

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