Investment funds and HYIPs

Investment funds and HYIPs are the main locations for making investments on the Internet. HYIPs are disguised as Funds, Funds turn out to be HYIPs, some of them stop paying, others are just being launched. You need to keep up with the latest news in order to know what are the expectations regarding a certain website. In order to provide accurate information on the return of investments and overall HYIP or fund potential, we've come up with this website monitor. The vast majority of websites entering our monitor accept Bitcoin and other crytocurrencies.

The list of Investment funds and HYIPs with and without a test deposit.

# Service Profitability DescriptionDeposit Payments: Status
1 BtcHash 38

Monitors: (29) Forums: (11) Reviews : (15)
1827.49 %/year1402 %/year

Profit rate: 3.84% per day (credited by minute), indefinite duration of contracts. Principal refund anytime with 5% fee. Minimum deposit: ฿0.005 / $5. Withdrawal minimum: ฿0.0005 / $0.5. Instant payments even on weekends. Affiliate program 15% for 30 days.

Payment methods: Bitcoin, PerfectMoney, AdvCash

Overview of BtcHash 108
$200 $360.49
36 days

Recent activity:
Payment received
Date: 23 November 2017 13:32
2 ColoBIT 81

Monitors: (17) Forums: (18)
730 %/year730 - 1095 %/year

The plans have a daily profit rate ranging between 4 - 5% during 50 days with the refund of the principal along with accrued income payments. The accrued income is being calculated and credited hourly. Minimum deposit: 0.003 BTC. Withdrawal minimum: 0.003 BTC. Affiliate program: 3% - 1% - 1%.
Payment methods: Bitcoin

Overview of ColoBIT 50
$201.54 $272.13
72 day

Recent activity:
Date: 23 November 2017 13:13
3 Investellect 993

Monitors: (73) Forums: (10) Reviews : (15)
438 %/year
3 lap
365 - 8249 %/year

The investment packages are offering between 1.2% and 1.4% daily during 60 to 120 days of contract. The first two plans are offering the refund of the principal at the end of the contract. The other plans yield between 8.3% and 22.6% daily during 18 to 120 days of contract. Refund of the principal along with interest payments.
Payment methods: Bitcoin, Payeer, Perfectmoney.

Overview of Investellect 404
$196.9 $491.6351
209 days

Recent activity:
Date: 23 November 2017 13:12
4 NoxonFund 538

252.9 %/year12 - 100 %/year

Investment platform using Ethereum based smart-contracts for managing the finanacial structure. The expected profitability rate varies between 0.03% - 0.16%.
Payment methods: Ethereum.

Overview of NoxonFund 43
$201.6 $659.31
525 days

Recent activity:
Payment received
Date: 02 October 2017 05:52
5 BitClub 1057

Monitors: (1)
36.65 %/year109-292 %/year

Investment website. The duration of the investment is 1000 days. In order to participate customers need to activate their account for $99. Minimum deposit: $500. Interest rate: 0.3 - 0.8% daily. Withdrawal minimum: 0.003 BTC.
Payment methods: BTC, CLUB, DASH, ETC, ETH, XMR, ZEC.

Overview of BitClub 18
$599 $249.6394
507 days

Recent activity:
Date: 02 September 2017 17:11
6 FreeBitcoin 1505

Monitors: (3) Forums: (1)
14.33 %/year4.08 %/year

The website is offering 4.08% bonus per year applied to your account balance. Minimum deposit: 0.0003 BTC. Daily profit rate: 0.01%. The principal can be withdrawn anytime.
Payment methods: Bitcoin.

Overview of FreeBitcoin 19
$1063.63 $101.4821
248 days

Recent activity:
Payment received
Date: 18 November 2017 15:13

ARCHIVE: Not paying     Stopped monitoring

The description of Investment funds and HYIP monitor

  Latest transactions:

Amount Operation Service Date
12.71$ Payment received BtcHash 23 November 2017 13:32
0$ Note ColoBIT 23 November 2017 13:13
0$ Note BtcHash 23 November 2017 13:13
0$ Note Investellect 23 November 2017 13:12
5.29$ Payment received Investellect 22 November 2017 22:32
14.66$ Payment received ColoBIT 22 November 2017 13:11
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0$ Note ColoBIT 20 November 2017 10:21
12.04$ Payment received BtcHash 19 November 2017 11:43
0$ Note Investellect 19 November 2017 11:17
0$ Note ColoBIT 19 November 2017 11:17
How it works:

We select an investment fund or HYIP, we make a test deposit starting from $5 and we monitor payments.

We don't close our test accounts regardless of HYIP/fund performance in order to provide valuable information to our users.

All the actions of the administrator of the deposits section, received payments, notes about the current status of the fund/HYIP are carried out on a separate card for each website. Information can also be found in the news block on the main page and in this section.

All transactions are carried out in USD at the BTC-E exchange rate, regardless of the currency of the deposit or currency of the received payment. This provides uniformity of perception and comparison of information.

The information on received payments is manually updated every 24 hours. New data on payments are available from once a day to once a week (depending on the amount of the deposit and accrual).

Table field:

Amount - the amount of the deposit
Paid - the total amount paid in USD and % of the deposit amount.
Profitability - forecast of yearly accrued interest. The calculation is based on received payments and not on HYIP/fund advertised rates. Most investment websites advertise interest rates that are tricky. For example they can promote a rate of return of 10% per month but due to a series of factors like hidden fees, invalid payments, reduced accrual you will receive much less.

The rate of return is calculated based on the exchange rates at the time when the payment was received.

The profitability rate changes with every new payment and the formula needs to sum at least 10-20 payments in order to display a relatively stable profitability rate.

Status description:

No deposit - The website is not being monitored temporarily of permanently. (read comments and notes in the websdite card)

Paying - Regular payments, the website has no problems.

Waiting payment - we made a deposit and we're waiting our first payment or there are some problems with payouts.

Not paying - SCAM or closed due to big problems after refunding deposits.

Warning: Investments in funds/HYIPs/MLM games as well as Internet investments in general are prone to high risks. Previous payments from an investment website do not guarantee regular payments in the future. Invest only what you can afford to lose.

Feedback on cloud mining, investment funds and our monitoring.

Please keep an eye on Startupinsider they maybe turning into a scam. They are denying that I sent money to be invested here is my proof from Localbitcoins. Please read carefully:

By Thomas.Localbitcoins Jan. 26, 2016, 9:34 a.m. - 38 minutes ago (Tue, 26 Jan 2016 07:34:03 +0000)

The bitcoin did reach the wallet - and then it was moved to another wallet

It went from you to 1M98iLUGt9HdFN1TE4uP4meLMsxkusCdFg

Then from 1M98iLUGt9HdFN1TE4uP4meLMsxkusCdFg to 1DDWkx4Q96bdUEVq71TENkBRa4gQYCKTN2

If the person/vendor you sent to is saying they did not receive it - please provide the link I gave above to them.


REALLY A BAD DAY FOR ME... It was supposedly my first day with them "Startupinsider". Yes I made the deposit and then was advised that it went through to them, once visited I saw that It was only $9.98, was even advised to add some amount through 82eea57a658b75e4babd5a9e9a6b4a16484bdcd1c69a0eb61eedfdf8563eee14. Since I don't know how to do it, I tried to withdraw now it stays as PENDING!!

You may even notice now that the LAST WITHRAWALS PAGE IS NOT UPDATING! certainly means... something =(

Every one that I have tried has been a scam.

Good day all

Please this is just an advise take it you want to.

Remember the HYIP program that was named Carbon7cc? remember they turned to a scam? well they are back again now with a slightly different name.

They now call the company Capital7cc. take a good closer look on both websites layouts, then you will notice similarity.

Be warned those guys they mean real business. Don't be fooled Capital7cc is Carbon7cc. i even sent them an e-mail they gave me a lame excuse that they don't have any form relationship with Carbaon7.

I was just informing you.

Good instant payment
Thanks admin

$2.02 has been successfully sent to your Perfectmoney account U10259016.
Transaction batch is 124836128.

admin add ===> coince

what happened to aHash info that was promoted on the site ? the website seems to be down and all the info has dissapeared ?? what is going on to your monitoring
info ??

Hi Admin,

Seeing few days before your list of HYIP list.invested 0.0055 BTC on and after sending so many messages and emails they are not responding and not paying back.What should i do?

Please help me out.

BitDeposit scam...

Bitdeposit only maintenance.. :-)

hi admin

i need refferal to sign up to bitclub

пожалуйста проверти сайт Bitair закинула 0.11 после первой выплаты 0.00138000 сайт остановил работу начесление каждый час прекратились что делать

админ bitmakler ответте пожалуйста по поводу Bitair

у вас стоит статус что он платит

hi guys
Attention : is scam now 31/08/2016

админ bitmakler проверте сайт биткойн финанс выплаты ставят в ожидание

Wheres biteminer ?

aim btc is scam !???


WHAT is the status of Bitmine network?
plz help

Withdrawal pending since last three days
plz help
also see the screenshot

Falta uma avaliação da JETBTC, essa HYIP está sendo amplamente divulgada por estar pagando e por permitir o resgate do principal a qualquer momento, além de pagar 1% ao dia para os investidores

Good morning house, please wat is wrong with coingear???? withdrawal has bn pending for more than 3days...............


Contact Harold Labroy to recover your lost funds from any Scam HYIP - [email protected]

Hi admin,
what happened to Has it turned into SCAM?

this page is a scam, the ones that stop paying that dont even show here or if they do its for a short period of time, why is bitsilver not showing here anymore, and people are still investing into the scam!

hello admin please contact me i want to add a website in ypur hyip section

CRYPTIFY is a big Scam...NOT PAYING... ????????????????? there withdrawal is pending ,is like they where about to park?

BITCOMET ?????????? they dont reply mail at all

bitcomet, is saving the withdraw

Hi.Letting you know that Poloniex exchange freezes BTC transactions.

how to add a program in your site?

I want to add my site in your section please contact me.

Please look into cryptobase - they have lost my login information. (says my email isn't registered) and they are not responding to emails. Thanks

Earn 50% a month by investing with bitcoin!

it is not possible to go to the site BITPETIT.COM -
what happened? is no longer paying me since the 10th

Bitmakler, Hello, Please tell me when monitoring starts? Thank you

可是還有在支付ㄟ 但我都拿不到錢

Администратор | Mentor

See the list below. Status Changed to another - "Waiting payment"
Администратор | Mentor
Администратор | Mentor

olya, стоит в статусе "ожидание выплат".
Администратор | Mentor

Администратор | Mentor scam.
Администратор | Mentor

olamiplentymore, scam
Администратор | Mentor

ARCHIVE: Not paying
Администратор | Mentor

Priem, scam
Администратор | Mentor

mark786, where do you come to know about new HYIPs ?

Администратор | Mentor

Bitmakler, but the site is still active... even still accepting deposit


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