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05 February 2014 10:43

Description of the exchange website: Bter( is a Chinese exchange website where trades are held for basic cryptocurrencies; CNY, BTC, LTC on more than 35 pairs involving other cryptocurrencies.

The transaction fee is 0.2% for buying and selling. No fees for making deposits and withdrawals, except network fees for withdrawal transactions.

You can withdrsw Yuan by bank transfer and Tenpay. There are daily limits on withdrawals.

The referral system is built to offer a 10% discount on trading to your referral while you get 30% of your referral’s transaction.

The trading terminal acts as a separate program. Languages - English, Chinese. Contact the administration via email.

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Dollar Euro Ruble Yuan Bitcoin Litecoin All other

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News on their website:
7170 BTC got stolen from our cold wallet in this transaction:
720 BTC bounty for chasing it back.

All wallets have been shut down and withdrawals of the unaffected coins will be arranged later.

Email:[email protected]
QQ: 4000070955


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