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05 February 2014 10:43

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Bitfinex exchange offers three trading pairs: BTC/USD, BTC/LTC, LTC/USD.

For depositing and withdrawing USD the website requires identity verification and following some pretty strict rules. The list of documents required for verification: passport or other identity document, utility bill or bank transfer proof, phone number.

There are several options for trading: margin trading; trade without margin; Broker (set your percentage for the use of your funds for margin trading).

For transactions you can use several modes of execution of your orders. Trading operation fees are 0.15% and decrease as your current assets increase.

Deposit funds in USD accounts using Egopay, withdrawals through Egopay or international bank transfers.

The exchange website has a referral system which rewards your referral with 10% discount on trading for 30 days.

For contacting the administration use the forum and the contact email. Hong Kong registered company.

What is traded on Bitfinex

Currencies:Zcash (ZEC)Bitcoin (BTC)Dashcoin (DSH)USDSANEthereum (ETH)BitcoinUnlimited (BCU)Litecoin (LTC)EOSMonero (XMR)OMGEthereumClassic (ETC)BitcoinCash (BCH)BCCIOTRRTRipple (XRP)
Total 17 crurrencies and cryptocurrencies available for trading on the exchange website Bitfinex

Pairs:Zcash (ZEC)Bitcoin (BTC)  Dashcoin (DSH)USD  SANEthereum (ETH)  BitcoinUnlimited (BCU)Bitcoin (BTC)  Litecoin (LTC)USD  Ethereum (ETH)Bitcoin (BTC)  EOSBitcoin (BTC)  Monero (XMR)Bitcoin (BTC)  OMGUSD  Ethereum (ETH)USD  EthereumClassic (ETC)USD  Bitcoin (BTC)USD  EOSEthereum (ETH)  Litecoin (LTC)Bitcoin (BTC)  BitcoinCash (BCH)Ethereum (ETH)  EthereumClassic (ETC)Bitcoin (BTC)  BitcoinCash (BCH)USD  SANUSD  BCCUSD  BCCBitcoin (BTC)  IOTUSD  OMGEthereum (ETH)  Dashcoin (DSH)Bitcoin (BTC)  BitcoinUnlimited (BCU)USD  Zcash (ZEC)USD  RRTBitcoin (BTC)  EOSUSD  SANBitcoin (BTC)  OMGBitcoin (BTC)  BitcoinCash (BCH)Bitcoin (BTC)  IOTEthereum (ETH)  Ripple (XRP)Bitcoin (BTC)  Ripple (XRP)USD  Monero (XMR)USD  RRTUSD  IOTBitcoin (BTC) 
Total 36 trading pairs

Dollar Euro Ruble Yuan Bitcoin Litecoin All other

Current exchange rates from Bitfinex

Pair Exchange rate % (24h.) V 24h(BTC) V%(24h.)
BCC/BTC 0.8505 4.11 2.4338 -28.99
BCC/USD 3600 2.7 0 0
BCH/BTC 0.1137 -69.03 17178.3549 822.01
BCH/ETH 1.6007 -66.95 0 0
BCH/USD 493.41 -64.85 0 0
BCU/BTC 0.148 1.32 3.2953 -14
BCU/USD 638.65 -0.26 0 0
BTC/USD 4347.3 2.76 37873.3619 8.69
DSH/BTC 0.05412 2.48 546.0031 19.19
DSH/USD 236 4.91 0 0
EOS/BTC 0.000342 1.61 310.2447 18.91
EOS/ETH 0.0048958 3.05 0 0
EOS/USD 1.496 5.79 0 0
ETC/BTC 0.0032751 -3.13 347.8323 39.41
ETC/USD 14.211 -0.43 0 0
ETH/BTC 0.07021 0 4820.8575 0
ETH/USD 305.54 1.28 0 0
IOT/BTC 0.0002283 6.2 4060.1754 -25.71
IOT/ETH 0.0032718 6.92 0 0
IOT/USD 0.98849 8.86 0 0
LTC/BTC 0.010632 -6.72 1250.9708 70.62
LTC/USD 46.239 -3.98 0 0
OMG/BTC 0.0018616 10.07 1244.4299 -33.5
OMG/ETH 0.026132 11.51 0 0
OMG/USD 8.0984 10.99 0 0
RRT/BTC 0.000012 -1.69 0.2293 -86.14
RRT/USD 0.05958 11.73 0 0
SAN/BTC 0.000089 -15.9 120.1484 -11.52
SAN/ETH 0.0012799 -16.35 0 0
SAN/USD 0.38848 -13.76 0 0
XMR/BTC 0.01124 -1.95 291.2239 64.53
XMR/USD 48.713 1.39 0 0
XRP/BTC 0.00003658 -2.15 184.7811 -50.1
XRP/USD 0.15957 0.02 0 0
ZEC/BTC 0.047719 1.48 144.4118 -14.9
ZEC/USD 207 4.25 0 0

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Ether launch
Posted: March 12, 2016
Bitfinex is pleased to announce upcoming support for trading Ether. While we are generally wary of adding new digital assets to the platform and believe that Ether’s future as a store of value is quite uncertain, it is, nonetheless, hard to ignore the Ether trading volumes at other exchanges and the many requests we have received from our customers to add Ether trading pairs. As such, we will begin trading Ether against both US dollar and bitcoin on Monday, March 14th at noon UTC. Starting immediately, however, customers will be able to deposit Ether into their exchange wallets.

It is our plan to allow shorting and margin trading on Ether as soon as we are comfortable with the book depth and availability of Ether for lending, but that will depend on the community’s support for Ether trading on our platform as Bitfinex itself is not a market participant in its own markets. Assuming strong adoption of Ether trading on our platform, we could enable shorting and margin trading in less than a week. We do not yet know what sort of leverage ratios we will permit on Ether, but given Ether’s substantial volatility relative to bitcoin, we may, in fact, initially allow less leverage than we do on bitcoin.

In order to encourage market making to help jumpstart our Ether markets, we will be offering introductory pricing on both Ether pairs. Through the end of March, it will be free to add liquidity (market maker) and 20bps to remove liquidity (market taker). Trading volumes in Ether during this time will not affect volume tiers for bitcoin and litecoin, but after March, Ether will be part of the existing aggregated volume pricing tiers.

We are also actively pursuing the addition of Euro trading pairs as well – we will naturally keep the community apprised of any further developments. Once again, we thank you for your continued support as we strive to deliver the best in cryptocurrency trading.
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