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16 June 2015 23:27

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BitBays supports 0 trading pairs for exchanging Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Supported languages:English, Chinese. Exchange website domain BitBays Registered 07.05.2014. Has affiliate program

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Dollar Euro Ruble Yuan Bitcoin Litecoin All other

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letter from bitbays:

Dear users,

We want to inform you of two important notifications about your account's security. Please read the following information carefully:

1. Recently we found a phishing website posing as Bitpay. The email address is [email protected] The email claims that you had a charge through BitBays. Please do not click on this link. This is a phishing scam.

BitBays does not currently use any third-party payment platform. BitBays will not automatically deduct the user's funds.

2. Recently we were notified by a user that his e-mail account and BitBays account had multiple login attempts by some third party. This triggered our security mechanism, and the account was immediately locked to protect our user’s assets. Our engineer found that hackers have tried to attack many users’ account. Although there is no loss of funds, BitBays has improved the security mechanism in order to ensure the safety of funds. We strongly recommended that all users improve password security and protect your private key to prevent loss of funds.

Improve password security operations:
A. Change your password to include upper and lower case letters, numbers, special characters;
B. One password per website. Do not use the same password for multiple websites;
C. Change your password every 3 months;
D. We strongly recommend you use Google 2-Factor authentication to add an extra level of security to your account.

For users with a cell phone on record, SMS code verification has been activated for your account to add an extra level of security. Users without a cell phone on record, email code verification has been activated for your account.

This email containts no link to change your password. Go directly to to change your password and improve your password security. Make sure any emails that claim to be from BitBays are [email protected] or [email protected]


January 10, 2017
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