Mining profitability calculator Maxcoin (MAX) in rubles adn dollars

Cryptocurrency mining: Cryptocurrency coin Maxcoin Maxcoin
Trading symbol:MAX
Mining algorithm keccak
Time period:
Miner speed:
Mining difficulty:
Reward for block, coins:
Cryptocurrency exchange rate:
Electricity costs:
Power: Watt
Price: Usd/kWh
Commissions and fees:
Will take pool: %
Exchange to LTC/BTC: %
Withdraw LTC/BTC to your wallet: %
Exchange LTC/BTC into USD: %
Withdraw USD in Fiat currency: %

Calculation result:

Calculating for period:Day
Coin mining:341.77176758 MAX
Pool fee:0 % / 0 MAX
Coins to get:341.77176758 MAX
First exchange to BTC:
Exchange website: Bittrex
Exchange rate to BTC:0.00001595 BTC per MAX
Exchange fee:0 % / BTC
% for transfering to wallet 0 % / 0 BTC
I'll get BTC: 0.00545126 BTC
Exchange to USD:
Exchange rate to USD: 818.415 USD for BTC
Exchange fee:0 % / 0 USD
I'll get USD:4.4613927 $
Withdraw in Fiat
Exchange fee:0 % / 0 USD
Cash, USD:4.46 $

Profit from mining

4.46 $/Day

Можно майнить без покупки и настройки железа, изучите доходность тестовых контрактов в разделе Облачный майнинг

Data from cryptocurrency aggregators

Settings CoinWarz   WhatToMine   Cryptoid   Blockexperts  
Difficulty 2354.38611609
Difficulty 24 h.
Reward 16
Reward 24h
Blocks found 1417881
Searching block (sec)
Exchange website Bittrex
Volume 24 h.
Price in BTC 0.00001595
Price in LTC
The aggregator which provided data for mining profitability calculator is highlighted in green MAX

Mining Maxcoin (MAX)

If for mining Maxcoin on keccak you will use equipment with a speed of 2500 MH/s at the current mining difficulty of 2354.38611609 and reward for found block of 16 coins, you can get 341.77176758 coins MAX per day (excluding the pool fee and the probability of finding the block).

To get more profit from the sale of MAX, according to calculation results for Maxcoin, mining, you will have to exchange 341.77176758 coins you received on Bittrex at the exchange rate of 0.00001595 BTC for one MAX on 0.00545126 BTC.

After exchaging Maxcoin on BTC you need to withdraw BTC on your wallet and deposit at BTC-e, then exchange BTC to USD at the exchange rate of 818.415.

After exchanging and receiving USD you can withdraw in Fiat currency and get cash 4.46 dollars or 0 rubles

Thus, when mining Maxcoin with well-defined data in the calculator and without considering fees and electricity cost, you can get 4.46 dollars/day or 0 rubles/day.

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