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50000000 AMBER
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Mining specifics AmberCoin(AMBER)

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difficulty recalculation
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Mining difficulty chart for AmberCoin

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Coin specifications AmberCoin(AMBER)

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  The best exchange rate offered by exchange websites and exchange offices where you can buy/sell AmberCoin(AMBER):

Pair Best price % (24h.) Exchange website Transactions(24h., BTC) in dollars1 in rubles2 Pair share*
AMBER/DOGE 573,99999989   0% C-Cex 0 0 0
AMBER/LTC 0,0006   0% C-Cex 0 0 0
AMBER/USD 0,19   0% C-Cex 0 0 0
AMBER/BTC 0,00000195 8,33% C-Cex 0 0 0

*Pair share for AmberCoin(AMBER) - The indicator shows the percentage of selected pair transactions out of the total number of transactions. It actually shows which pair has the most transactions. AmberCoin, the cryptocurrency, not the percentage of the market held by the exchange website with the best exchange rate for this pair.
1 Transactions volume AmberCoin in dollars over the past 24 hours and calculated for BTC - dollar exchange rate equal to 1502.5007000000 USD for BTC at the exchange website Indacoin
2 Transactions volume AmberCoin in rubles for the past 24 hours calculated using the dollar exchange rate set by CBRF for the day

Exchange rates updates and selection of the best exchange rate and exchange website for buying/selling AmberCoin(AMBER) take place every minute. To view the updating time go here

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